Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wireless Spectrum Shifts

Verizon Wireless now has gained a step on AT&T in the spectrum resources area, adding additional capacity from SpectrumCo, Comcast, Cox Communications, adding about 54 megahertz, for a total of about 172 MHz, while AT&T has about 114 MHz.

To put that in perspective, 20 MHz is a big deal, allowing use of about 10 MHz for both upstream and downstream communications.

But total spectrum doesn't really tell the story. The key is how much new spectrum is available to support a fourth generation Long Term Evolution network. And that's where the disparity between Verizon and AT&T is most stark.

The cable deals leave Verizon Wireless with 56 percent more 4G spectrum than AT&T in the top 10 markets and 46 percent more in the top 100, according to John Hodulik, a UBS AG analyst.

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