Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Less is More" Where it Comes to Smart Phones

Some might argue there are "too many" phones being made available by device manufacturers, to the extent that what people might want are a couple of "hero" devices from each leading supplier. In other words, people might prefer to choose from a smaller number of "hero" devices that have lots of features a single consumer might want, but the few that a consumer really values.

Think of that as the "cable TV" model, where lots of channels are available, most of which any single viewer never watches. But there are a relative handful of channels, perhaps seven or so, that get watched frequently.

You might argue that is precisely what Apple has been doing.

Compete’s second quarter 2011 survey of consumers suggested that "a phone with more features" was the most popular primary reason to begin the shopping process. Perhaps more significantly, for an average consumer, the “must have” list of features included 10 features beyond the obvious ability to make calls and send text messages.

About 70 percent of shoppers only considered one or two phone models during their entire research process, suggesting that consumers want more features in one phone rather than model variety. “Less” is “more”

Smartphone Survey

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