Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mobile Execs See Mobile Payments as "Breakthrough Category" in 2012

Mobile industry executives surveyed by analyst Chetan Sharma think mobile payments will be the breakthrough category for 2012. 

The next breakthrough category is seen to be mobile commerce. 

Survey respondents tend to believe financial sector participants will be  the leaders in mobile payments, specifically firms such as Visa and MasterCard that run huge branded payment networks. 

Missing from the list of options, though, are "banks" and other participants that provide the credit or debit card functions. 

Perhaps of note, since 2011, respondents have boosted their opinions of the established payment networks, lowered their view of prospects for Isis, and now take a higher view of start-ups, Amazon and Apple. 

PayPal is viewed less favorably than in 2011, which some observers might find just the opposite of what might happen in 2012. 


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