Monday, February 13, 2012

Millennial Males Seem to Like Mobile Ads More than Millennial Women

Among Millennials (some would say that includes people 18 to 29, others would put the range as something more like 18 to 35 or so) men were significantly more likely than women to recall having seen a mobile ad on their mobile phone.

Some 69 percent of Millennial men reported recalling having seen an ad on their mobile devices. 

Less than half of women the same age remembered seeing mobile advertisements. Overall, 59 percent  of smart phone owners of any age or gender reported seeing mobile ads, according to InsightExpress.

US Mobile Phone Owners Ages 18-29 Who Have Seen Mobile Ads, by Gender, Jan 2012 (% of total)

Among women ages 18 to 29, just 12 percent said they liked mobile ads at least somewhat, while a plurality were ambivalent. But fully 40 percent of men report actively enjoying mobile advertising, including 20 percent who said they liked it “very much.” 

On average, across all smart phone owners, a quarter liked mobile ads at least somewhat. It isn't clear what the findings indicate. It could be that more attention has been paid to the creative elements for ads aimed at men, or that it is easier to create such elements for advertising aimed at men. 

There could be "respondent bias" of some sort. It is possible that people think they recall specific ads, when they actually do not. It is possible the Millennial women respondents were simply more honest. 

Perhaps the most important finding is that advertising is an enjoyable form of content at all. It appears advertisers are producing more entertaining content. 

Attitude Toward Mobile Ads According to US Mobile Phone Owners Ages 18-29, by Gender, Jan 2012 (% of total)

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