Friday, January 6, 2012

Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates to Outperform Paper Coupons 800%

Global redemption rates of mobile coupons will average at over eight percent by 2016, Juniper Research forecasts. "So what?" you might say, but consider that paper coupon redemption rates are about one percent.

North American and Western European markets are now beginning to follow the same growth path as the Far East and China and by 2016 there will be over 600 million regular mobile coupon users worldwide.

Though some would dismiss the whole mobile coupon business as a bit of a fad, with difficult economics for providers and few barriers to entry, others might say such "daily deals and offers" will be quite strategic for mobile payments platforms.

The reason is simple: mobile coupons address the question of "value" for retailers and end users to adopt mobile payments systems. Since few now believe new mobile payments systems will save retailers much money in transaction fees, and since in most cases check out using a "wave" approach does not necessarily save a customer much time, proponents have the challenge of showing where the value lies.

Juniper researchers argue that mobile coupons are particularly strategic for bricks and mortar retailers in their quest to regain ground lost to online retailers during the Internet revolution.

A mobile coupon bridges the divide between online and physical retailing and can be individually targeted to drive customers into stores. Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates

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