Monday, January 9, 2012

Mobile Now Drives Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Up to this point, it might have been reasonable to consider the impact of "mobility" on enterprises mostly in relation to remote or distributed work, and separately from other trends, such as "consumerization" or "cloud computing," though all three are related.

Increasingly, though, it is looking as though mobility is now driving cloud adoption. That's new.

When cloud storage provider Box tracks its enterprise sales, it finds there has been a 30-fold increase in the number of enterprise deployments that are mobile-driven.
So while mobile user growth may be up nine times, enterprise activity is producing more revenue growth.

The Box enterprise customer base now includes 82 percent of the Fortune 500, the company says. Mobile drives cloud adoption

That mobile drives enterprise cloud computing adoption should not be surprising. Networked computing has been driving most application trends for some time. Most consumer apps now run in the cloud. And though enterprises can afford to run apps using their own data center infrastructure, it increasingly makes sense to create web interfaces for enterprise apps, whether the facilities are run "in the cloud" or on owned facilities.

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