Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coke's "Un-commercial" Couldn't Fail to Get Attention

In a campaign that could not fail to generate word of mouth and media attention, Coca-Cola Portugal Coke planted a wallet in a busy Lisbon shopping center with a hidden camera.

In the wallet was $200 and sticking out of the wallet was a ticket to a "hot" soccer match. You can guess the purpose of the hidden camera: how many people would take the money, the ticket, both, or turn the wallet in to "lost and found?"

Fully 95 percent of the people who found the wallet turned the wallet, with contents intact.

Though all these good people probably expected nothing in return, Coke gave them a ticket to the soccer game of their own, courtesy of Coke. Coke's Social "Un-commercial"

Clever. Original. And sure to get attention.

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