Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sprint orders all OEMs to Remove Carrier IQ

Sources at HTC have told that, as a result of the lawsuits targeting Carrier IQ, Sprint, and other CIQ-using OEMs, Sprint has asked all of their partners to get rid of Carrier IQ.

Starting with the high-volume and high-profile devices on the network, each of the OEMs has been asked to quickly release binaries that do not contain Carrier IQ so that over-the-air updates can be pushed to those devices as quickly as possible.

The eventual plan is to remove Carrier IQ from all of the devices on Sprint’s network.

This is being done as soon as possible and, according to our source at HTC, anyone who is working with Sprint in testing labs have even had their vacation time over the holidays seriously restricted. Sprint orders all OEMs to remove Carrier IQ

With other handset suppliers and carriers backing away from Carrier IQ, you have to wonder what the prospects for the company are, in the future. Apple dropped Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ also faces government scrutiny, which almost certainly means the company will have to drastically revise its revenue model, once restrictions, voluntary or otherwise, start to become a business factor.

Once again, we see how much impact regulatory actions now are having on the shape of the communications business.

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