Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Social Communications Patterns Different from Voice

Those of you familiar with the typical voice usage pattern will find this graphic by Dan Zarella interesting. It shows that Facebook sharing ("communications") happens on weekends, in contrast to voice traffic which tends to happen on weekdays. Contagious content

Some would also note that much website "commenting" and reading tends to happen on weekends as well, suggesting that perhaps people engage in digital communications on weekends because that is when they have time to spend on social sites, read, watch and then share.

  facebook sharing by day of week

On the other hand, the data is not completely conclusive. Other studies suggest that the amount of Facebook content creation is fairly even throughout the week, though consumption might be said to peak mid-week, on Wednesday. Facebook shares and reads

But Zarella suggests Twitter "retweet" activity shows yet a third pattern, building during the week and then falling on weekends, suggesting people are reading during the work week, and then cutting back on weekends. People retweet when they actively are reading, in other words, implying that Twitter is getting used less on weekends.

Dan Zarrella on the retweet activity by day - social media monitoring

Friday is the best day to get retweets, Zarella says. The click-through-rate of emails ist best on Monday and Saturday, as well. Less content is published on the weekend, therefore more comments are compiled on Facebook on Saturday, says Zarella. Best days for sharing, consuming

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