Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yelp More Important than Facebook?

Busy local and small businesses often have to make hard choices about which content marketing sites they have time to support with content efforts. Facebook might be "best" for most, but Yelp arguably is best for local businesses and restaurants, especially restaurants.

First of all, Yelp is all about local businesses, things to do, places to eat and be entertained. You can assume that when a user goes to Yelp, that user is trying to find someplace to go, or something to do, and wants information before making a choice.

In other words, the odds of converting a prospect into a customer arguably are higher than for a typical search.

Yelp combines social networking with community-generated reviews. Online since 2004, Yelp helps people find and share the best (and worst) of businesses. Yelp can help build exposure, allow businesses to monitor public opinion and research what potential buyers are looking for.

Yelp can support posting of discount offers, announcements and news about events.

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