Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NFC Hype About to Crash

At some point, overly-optimistic near-term expectations for near field communications payments will diminish, if Gartner is correct.

The reason is that NFC was in mid-2011 at the peak of a hype cycle, which typically means a crash of expectations.

So get ready for a change of public thinking about NFC, with a shift to other apps NFC can enable.

All of that is reasonable thinking, but also will be driven by what Gartner expects will be an inevitable (albeit temporary) collapse of expectations about what NFC can accomplish in the near term.

"When it comes to payments, NFC doesn’t yet offer sufficient convenience to persuade consumers to change their habits," says Thomas Husson, Gartner analyst. "Swiping a credit card instead of waving it is not fundamentally different: You still have to enter your PIN for security reasons."

"The real game-changer is to add value before and after the transaction, enabling consumers to discover offerings via contextualized coupons and to explore new product and service information, and enabling companies to engage with consumers by providing loyalty points and rewards after buying a product," he says.

We agree. NFC is just one of the many technologies that can be plugged into a broader digital wallet strategy.  NFC payment a part of broader wallet value

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