Monday, December 12, 2011

Tebow Time, Again

I don't think anybody knows how to explain it, but the Denver Broncos pulled another fourth quarter or overtime win in their latest game against the Chicago Bears. 

As has been the story for most of the last eight games, the Broncos were trailing, in this case by 10 points, until the last three minutes of regulation play. 

Then the team exploded, tying the game, before winning in overtime. 

The national story is Tim Tebow, Broncos quarterback, but that isn't really what's happening. The whole team seems to play better, when it counts. 

There is a concept known as "leadership," and a different concept called "management." 

We often speak of talented "managers" in business. But "leadership" is what happens with squads of soldiers on the battlefield. 

 Management is authority because of a role: somebody is your boss, your president, a uniformed police officer. They have "bureaucratic" authority, because of their role.

Leadership is different. People follow leaders because of some intangible charismatic quality "leaders" have. 

Tebow has that, take nothing away from him. But the team is winning, and playing so well when it counts, because of a non-objective, but very real confidence in their leadership. We need more leaders, arguably fewer "managers." 

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