Saturday, December 10, 2011

Google Wallet Coming to the UK For 2012 Olympics

Google Wallet apparently will launch next in the United Kingdom, in time for the holding of the summer Olympics starting June 27, 2012, French newspaper Les Echos reports.

It is believed that Google Wallet could debut in the first quarter of 2012. That will require convincing at least some top banks to participate, as well as retailers and at least one mobile service provider.

Google Wallet Reportedly Coming to the UK For 2012 Olympics

It would of course be helpful to have one or more providers of "daily deals" and other promotions. It isn't so clear that paying using a mobile is so much better than using cash or a credit card that people will have incentives to use a mobile wallet service.

But what does provide value for end users are incentives, coupons, discounts and special offers tied with use of mobile wallets. 

For retailers, the ability to target incentives at potential customers when they are in proximity to a retail venue likewise offers clear value. 

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