Saturday, December 3, 2011

Will Comcast, Time Warner Sell Clearwire Stake?

Original Clearwire Ownership
Now that Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks have sold their AWS spectrum to Verizon Wireless, announced they will stop selling Clearwire service and agreed to buy wholesale service from Verizon, one has to believe the cable companies also will sell their shares in Clearwire. 

Comcast and Time Warner say they will wind down their Clearwire business over the next six months, and plan to move their existing customers to other options. 

Not that the companies themselves, or rational observers, would claim that the services have been a wild success. 

Comcast appears to have about 30,000 customers using the mobile service, out of 17.8 million traditional broadband subscribers. Bright House, which had the option to resell 4G service, never actually did so.

Time Warner, Comcast and Bright House Networks were among the original investors in Clearwire. Over time, Sprint has slightly reduced its ownership to about 54 percent, while Intel has said it will sell all of its stake. 

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