Wednesday, November 23, 2011

50% Of E-commerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook

A new study shows 50 percent of visitors to e-commerce sites are currently logged in to Facebook. 50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook

"On average in October (2011), 50.8 percent of traffic was logged into Facebook while visiting our customers’ ecommerce sites.  Across all customers, this rate ranged from approximately 40 percent to 60 percent, SocialLabs says. Facebook visitors on e-commerce sites.

"While users on our clients’ sites are logged in to Facebook slightly less during the workday and slightly more during the evening, the percentage of logged in users is still very high during the workday," SocialLabs says. "For example, during the work week of October 17 to 21st, on average 51 percent of users on our e-commerce deployments were logged in to Facebook from 9AM to 7PM."

Using Facebook social plugins and Connect integrations, sites can leverage Facebook data to show visitors what friends bought or shared, what products relate to their Likes, and which friends they might want to invite. The study was conducted by Sociable Labs, which helps websites implement social functionality, and looked at 456 million visits to over a dozen ecommerce sites catering to different demographics.

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