Friday, November 18, 2011

AT&T: churn unaffected after rivals got the iPhone - MarketWatch

AT&T customers, apparently including many of those who use iPhones and might have complained at some point about inconsistent service, seem not to have defected to either Verizon or Sprint, AT&T says.

There is no question that iPhone exclusivity seemed to help AT&T reduce its churn rate. But many expected churn to increase once Verizon got rights to sell the iPhone. 

"Churn has not moved at all," said Glen Lurie, president of emerging devices for AT&T. Of course, aggregate or "net" churn might not entirely tell the story.

It is theoretically possible that more customers left, but even more customers signed up, producing no adverse effect on overall churn. AT&T churn unaffected after rivals got the iPhone

Technically, it appears AT&T churn has been inching upwards, but by an amount small enough that the overall trend is "flat."

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