Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Social Shopping by Men, than Women?

Though some studies suggest women use social networks more than men when shopping, a study by Performics suggests the opposite, namely that men are more likely than women to conduct five of six social shopping activities.

Contradicting commonly held beliefs about gender and social behaviors, the study showed men more frequently research product information, read reviews, compare products, find product availability and get store information via social networks, shopping and deal sites.

But women tend to search for deals, coupons and specials on similar sites more frequently than men. Contradictory data on use of social shopping

Aside from Facebook, men frequent social networks (at least once a month) substantially more than women.

Other studies have suggested that women use social media more when shopping. Gender differences in social shopping. One study suggests that men and women use social media differently. A study by Empathica, for example, found more men citing looking for information as a primary goal (36 percent) than women (28 percent) when interacting with a retail brand through social channels. 

But the gender split among those looking to stretch their budgets was far greater: 47 percent of women say searching for coupons and promotions is their primary use, compared with 33 percent of men.

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