Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Social Media Killing Your Business?

Though social media can be an important marketing, operations or customer support tool, it isn't always a good thing. Are you using social media in a way that builds a great reputation and enhances your business, or are you just spending lots of time on it, instead of running your business? In other words, just as social media can be a "time waster" for people, it can be a time waster for brands and businesses that might find they can better focus their time elsewhere.

If you’re spending more time "doing social media" than you are on the important work of your business, you need to reassess whether, in the grand scheme of things, spending so much time on social media is wise. Is Social Media Killing Your Business?

To the extent that a brand's messaging becomes confused because different messages are being communicated on different media, that also can be a warning sign that social media is ineffective. Indeed, it might be worse than ineffective if precious effort and time is diverted from other mission-critical tasks.

If you use "every" channel, instead of concentrating on those you can handle, with the time you have, you might likewise be wasting time better spent on other activities.

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