Monday, November 14, 2011

Apple Launches EasyPay for Some iTunes Purchases

Apple has introduced a new feature for the iPhone in its Apple Store app called EasyPay. EasyPay allows people to take a picture of the bar code of a product with the phone’s camera and then buy the product on the spot, using their iTunes account. Apple EasyPay

Previously, the app could be used to research products and order them, but the products had to be picked up from an employee in the store. Inevitably, some will see the move as a challenge to Google or PayPal Wallet offerings, which Apple's EasyPay is not.

Whatever Apple might decide to do in the future, it is not yet ready to launch a full-scale mobile payment service, at least not yet.

Nor does Apple appear to want to encourage use of the system for larger purchases, such as computers or tablets. Not for big purchases

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