Friday, November 18, 2011

Consumer Brand Videos Do Best on Tablets

Online videos produced by consumer brands to promote their brand, products, or services appear to be least engaging when viewed on smart phones, most engaging when watched on tablets, according to Ooyala. 

But that might not indicate much other than that mobile users are more likely to have more distractions than users of tablets or PCs.Viewers watching on a game console are at home, not at work, and not commuting. Tablet users are much more likely to be relaxing, and sitting on a couch. 

Data from the “VideoMind Video Index Report” indicates that although the consumer brands vertical reflects some of the highest viewer engagement numbers of the industry segments studied, relative to other devices, viewer engagement is lowest on mobile devices.

Roughly 75 percent of tablet viewers watched one-quarter of a consumer brand video, with tablets also leading mobiles, desktops, and connected TV devices and game consoles among viewers who watched half or three-quarters of a video. ooyala-consumer-brand-engagement.jpg

However, less than half of tablet viewers completed a consumer brand video, slightly less than the proportion of connected TV devices and game console viewers. Mobile trailed all devices in every completion rate studied. Brand Videos on Mobile

One might also argue that viewership is highest on the largest screens, ranging from TVs to PC and tablet screens. 

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