Monday, November 7, 2011

Next Amazon Kindle Fire to Feature 9-Inch Display?

Proponents disagree about the "right" screen size for a tablet or e-reader device. Apple has in public insisted only 10-inch screens are "right" for tablets. E-readers of course are another matter, but even there proponents might disagree about the "right" form factors. Best form factor?

Digitimes reports that Amazon is likely to change its product roadmap by shifting the display size of its next-generation Kindle Fire to 8.9-inch instead of 10.1-inch as originally planned, according to sources in Amazon's supply chain. 

Amazon's current 7-inch panel suppliers Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and LG Display (LGD) reportedly have begun to prepare production capacities for 8.9-inch displays, Digitimes reports. Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9-inch display

Following the launch of the 8.9-inch tablets, Amazon may also release 9.7- to 10.1-inch models in 2012.

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