Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smart phones Now the "Lead Offer"

Lead offers vary by segment, in the U.S. or any other communications market. For competitive local exchange carriers, the lead offer long has been a bundle of business broadband access and business voice.

Consumer fixed-line providers have been leading with the triple play of consumer video, voice and broadband access. 

Wireless providers might arguably be leading with a device, not so much services. Basically, the "smart phone" now is the lead offer for a wireless provider, with data access, voice and texting becoming features. 

More than one-half (55 percent) of US consumers who purchased a new handset in the three-month period ended May 2011 bought a smartphone instead of a feature phone, up from the 34 percent who did so during the same period one year earlier, according to a survey from Nielsen.

Overall, 38 percent of U.S. consumers owned a smartphone as of May 2011, and 62% owned a feature phone. Smart phones as lead offer

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