Sunday, November 6, 2011

Will Mobile Commerce Will Be Driven by Better Experience and Increased Control?

Despite the fact that mobile commerce will include payment and transaction mechanisms, mobile commerce, and a good deal of retail commerce, will not be primarily about the change in payment mechanism, argue analysts at mobileYouth.

In fact, control and access to information will be more important for users, mobileYouth predicts. Payments may be important for the generation without credit cards but it’s their fear of losing control, and avoiding surprises, that will drive adoption.

Mobile commerce also will be about sharing and reclaiming the social experience, mobileYouth predicts. Mobile commerce is not just about making the purchase more informed, or easier, but making it more social.

Providers need to think less about the payment and more about the shared experiences and activities made possible by mobile payment systems. In other words, replicating the value of "hanging out together at malls" is more important than providing a new way to pay for things.

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