Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mobile VoIP About to Explode?

Mobile VoIP Forecast
Mobile VoIP subscribers will grow from 47 million in 2010 to almost 410 million by 2015, Infonetics Research forecasts. That is not a good thing for service providers.

Mobile service providers globally earn about $500 billion a year providing voice services.

In 2010, mobile operators made $13.21 per user, per year, from mobile VoIP services. That works out to about $1.10 per user, per month, demonstrating how little revenue there is to be made from over-the-top mobile VoIP services. Mobile VoIP forecast.

Consider that, even after a 20 percent decline over the last three years, monthly average mobile revenue is about $27.77 a month. That points out the complicated business impact of IP telephony and VoIP. 

So what happens if 363 million more mobile VoIP users are active by 2015? Assume the same revenue metrics for the additional 363 million mobile VoIP users, which is $13.21 per user, per year, compared to a typical payment of $27.77 a month for legacy voice services, or $333.24 a year.

If the 410 million mobile VoIP subscribers use nothing but VoIP, they would spend $131 billion less with mobile service providers than they used to.

That suggests a loss of about 26 percent of total mobile service provider revenue in four years. Mobile VoIP About to Explode?

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